Mandla introduced me to a new type of exercise. It is one that looks at the body as a whole and not as ‘parts’ to be trained. He has a fantastic understanding of the biomechanics of the human body. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve general fitness, health and function.
— LUIS NAVAS. CEO, Conexia

A promising athlete in his teenage years, Mandla suffered a series of debilitating shoulder injuries in his early 20s. This period of pain and frustration proved the catalyst for a decade-long journey of recovery and discovery. After pursuing a university degree in exercise science (encompassing applied anatomy, kinesiology and sports performance development), Mandla was able to make informed inquiries into the mechanics of fitness and injury. Those inquiries led him through a range of health and fitness paradigms, alternative and mainstream, ancient and contemporary. He developed his own unique, eclectic training system rooted in mobility, co-ordination, nutrition and whole-system engagement.

From his studio in Boston, Mandla works with those who have grown disenchanted with conventional fitness solutions and have decided to take control of their own physical wellbeing. His client base includes professional athletes, business leaders, other health professionals, as well as fitness enthusiasts and those serious about losing weight.