Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, our personally-tailored training programs will help you reach optimum performance.

We work with you to develop the fitness and lifestyle programme best suited to your unique needs. Developed through ongoing assessment of your capabilities, and using a range of diagnostic tools, these programs employ a wide range of training modalities. They include mobility work, bodyweight exercises, visual and vestibular (balance system) training, and plyometrics, among others. Through regular training sessions (in person or via video conferencing) we provide the care and guidance to ensure that your commitment translates into results, always.


Clients in initial consultations describe a wide range of goals. Among the most common are those connected with reducing physical pain, losing weight, or improving performance in a particular sport. Our integrated approach means that we look at the body as a collection of systems governed by the brain: everything is connected; no problem is isolated. 


"Within a few months, by helping me to increase both my strength and my mobility and by instructing me in the value of nutrition, Mandla eliminated my pain to the point where I could get back to engaging in my favorite activities."

- Eric Kramer. Vice- president,  Research & Development, B&L Associates


Pain is a vicious cycle. By restricting your movement and limiting your endurance, it prevents you from doing what you need to do to free yourself from its grip.

Through a detailed, comprehensive assess-and-reassess protocol, we'll find the most effective plan to 1.) get you out of pain as quickly as possible 2.) understand and fix the root cause of the pain; and 3.) strengthen your body's systems (including the nervous system) and remodel the tissue to prevent you from returning to the onset of pain.

Employing mobility work; bodyweight exercises; visual, vestibular and respiratory training; and personalized anti-inflammatory nutrition plans, our pain-beating programmes complement the advice given by physicians or physiotherapists by boosting your body's natural restorative processes.


"I had developed a number of chronic painful injuries that limited my ability to exercise, as well as arthritis, sleep apnea, and metabolic disorder. Mandla took a patient approach, was great about working within my hectic schedule, never pushed me beyond what I could do, and slowly but surely addressed all these issues. In less than a year I have resolved all the painful injuries I was suffering from, have no symptoms of arthritis, sleep great, and have lost more than thirty pounds – while building new muscle." 

- Joe Murphy. Executive Vice- president, TLM LLC

Like pain, excessive body fat creates its own vicious circle. Low endurance, limited mobility and poor nutrition compound each other to make losing weight a disheartening experience. 

We take a holistic approach to breaking that cycle. Our strategy for weight-loss clients is, firstly, to eliminate pain and improve your ability to move well. Functional muscles support a healthy metabolism and can be created and sustained only by joints that allow the body to move through a full range of motion.

Pain, lingering injury and restriction all have a chemical physiology to them that is inflammatory in nature, placing additional stress on the body. Developing functional, pain-free, restriction-free movement reduces inflammation (an actual change in body chemistry).

We also help our clients understand how to use food (and sometimes supplementation*) to reduce pain and inflammation and improve their body composition. An approach to food preparation and consumption that de-inflames the body is one of the pillars of good health, sustainable weight-loss and optimum physical performance.

*In the event that supplementation is necessary, we will use regular blood work to ensure you get what you need and only what you need.


“Mandla is a secret weapon … since his remarkable teaching runs counter to most of the popular approaches in today’s running and fitness communities. I only hope he finds a way to share his knowledge with a wider audience so many more people can achieve their potential and free themselves from pain, frustration, and injury.”

- Janet Chien. Marathon runner, Boston

If you want to perform to your full potential in your chosen sport, you need more than standard personal training. We provide targeted sports-performance training programs for all athletes, from promising juniors and serious amateurs to collegiate players and professionals.

A comprehensive introductory consultation will help us to establish your strengths, weaknesses and particular athletic objectives. With a deep understanding of the physiological and biomechanical demands associated with different types of sports, we will help you to improve your performance dramatically while simultaneously decreasing your risk of injury. Our training programs are re-calibrated regularly as your needs change. They improve your performance by building power, strength, and coordination, addressing nutrition, and identifying and correcting areas of instability due to poor muscular recruitment, balance or joint function